Value : Positivity

Okay, it’s the most cliche thing you have ever heard.

But, I can’t dare take it for granted! The power of simple, straight-forward positive thinking renovates my experience of life.

Usually when things bother me I try to analyze them and the problem on my plate starts to grow. At times in my life, I feel buried with the trial in my path. Everyone has unique experiences, and when I look at my own I see a complex person and I sometimes feel that don’t understand myself.  I stop to meditate over the things that bother me, trying to help myself overcome.

At this point my mind is constantly running the words, “I have a problem, I have a problem. I am stressed. I am confused. I am broken. I feel heavy.” The more I think about trying to fix my problem, with the best intentions, the more I become entangled in it. I am defining myself and solidifying my state. When I’m in this tangle, my head feels fuzzy and I really don’t realize what is happening and how I’m making things worse. At this point I don’t see how much I am focusing on the negative, even if it is in an honest effort to extricate it.

The whole problem with negativity is that it’s not really a thing. I can’t pick it up and throw it away. It happens and it is something I do. It is something I don’t realize I am doing.

“What do I want?” I ask myself. I want to be happy. I want to be confident and in charge of my life. I don’t want to feel helpless. I want to be clear minded. I want to achieve my realistic goals and feel secure.

These are all things very within my reach, I tell myself. I have a good life. There are so many specific things to be genuinely grateful for. I take the time to identify them to myself and detail them. I assure myself that, I can talk to people really well. I remind myself of instances in the past. I am quick minded and efficient. If someone else can do it, why can’t I? I am charming and beautiful. I can handle my situation. I am successful. I deserve to be respected. I am a fully functional, capable individual.  I can be who I want to be. Everything will be okay. I am headed in a good direction. My future is bright.

This is where I think, for the non-religious woman, spirituality plays a role: I believe all the things I tell myself. I have faith in those things. This gives me power I could never otherwise have. It gives me freedom from my limits and it gives me all those things I wanted, even the things I did not know I wanted.

Being positive isn’t in vain and it isn’t a silly thing to do. It does work and just because it is an over-told virtue does not make it work any less. It truly has renovated my experience in life and because of the real effects I see in my life I cannot take it for granted. I hope it can work for others just as effectively.

Thanks for reading!


Art Credit: Rachel Alexandria


When I consider all I’ve done
It weighs in with depth
Some sweet, somber feeling
Rises in my chest
I feel swathed in nostalgia
Time stretches, in a lapse
And overwhelmed I breathe
And linger on this dream
My life views like a stairwell
That traipses, wanders, walks
Without pattern, I am sketched
And hollow all throughout
But it fills me up, when I am here
And sifting through my memory
When I consider all I’ve done
It weighs in deep reminicing

Art credit: Briana Baxter

Originally Me

I began
My life ran
The light was on
I existed in the world
It all meant nothing back then
I wish it was still that way
But I am entangled with this built race
And now I don’t remember where I came from
Wishing I could know what it means to be me,
without you

Art Credit: Darian R. Stanovich

Lost and Looking

The clock has struck a chord
And much too late it rings
For Time I can’t afford
Or walk amid the spring
I gaze for royal blush
To cast a golden ray
And pause for calling thrush
To lead along the way
If serendipity
Has need of place to sleep
Then let her rest with me
With me the blessings keep

She feels the constant yearning in the wait
Those wishes cause the heart to grow too faint