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Like giddy
Like stupid
Like bad
So good
Like curious
Like imagination
So much
Like bad
So good
So sweet
So nerved
So sinned
So much rush
Like bad
So good

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Patient to Love

So much love behind this gate
If only I could let it through
And let it wash right over you
And stun your senses with its course
For loving is my passionate force
And like a rain that once it broke
Could not be kept and not be choked
If I had sign to pull the lever
Could loose this gate and love forever

art, introspection, pain, philosophy, Poetry, spirituality

Naive Wishes

Paint me with naive wishes 

They are the only ones worth having 

Haven’t learned fear 

Haven’t known failure 

Still have the time to prove 

Paint me with with naive hope 

That has every reason to go on forever 

Doesn’t need to be realistic

Doesn’t feel pressured to be responsible 

Young enough to know no limits

Paint me with naive love 

That blooms in every young soul 




In the face of every sad love song

introspection, nature, pain, philosophy, Poetry, spirituality

Whimsy Heart

Plead with me

More are meant to dream with me

But only if they’ll see in me

What I may see in them

There is too much here to give

And I will give it all away

Far too fast

And they will leave with me

Swimming in their past

See I can’t hold it back

Like how they all tell me to

For all my whimsy heart is full of dance

And life to give for you

art, Poetry

The Siren

When I was young but grown
I leapt to see the world on my own
Where ever I went
Whatever I could get
The seeds of my future were to be sewn

On my own I had unlimited discretion
For the first time I could hoard possessions
Everything open
In autonomous light
No bounds could force my discretion

And at a start I glanced to see
A path too simply clear for me
I caught my course
I took it quick
I mused in gratitude and glee

The prize I found was pure pristine!
All aspects of it glistening!
Her gaze was strong
Her touch a crave
She took me to life’s early grave

Art Credit: Briana Baxter