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Summer Swell

Warm jasmine in the breeze
Rushes up on me
Forty shades of green
In the shade tree
Bright and tropic petunias
My glass sweating in the sun
The ice twirls and mirrors
Swift summer heat
Turns each leaf
It spins right up to me
And twists my hair
The sky peaking through
In orange glow
Tilts my eyes away
Where it glitters on the porch
Kaleidoscope dancing
Envelopes my wide world

Art Credit: Middle Way Art Studio

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When lifted from a shallow view
Peering through the confines
One captures something hidden
The eternal expanse within the mind
Of clarity and actuality
Then curiosity’s unquenchable sensation
Gathers all energy forward
Pulling from within
One’s capacity stretching thin
Then in a marginal moment
Your aura sings a piercing tone
Dissonance dissipates
Where enlightenment resonates
Breaching the barriers of perception
Birthing a new conception
On old self left behind
When epiphany elates the mind

Art Credit: MaRia Rose Skinner

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The Writer’s Gift

When Victor scavenged on the graves
New life was born electric
When Hester threaded scarlet burns
It was beautifully eccentric
If Ishmael never took the chance
And set upon the sail
He’d never know the tragedy
Yet he’d never know the tale

When Plath drew dark and deep
I understood a soul in plight
When Winston snuck to see his love
I stepped out in the night
The scenes great Lewis sculpted bright
Were never seen before
How could imaginations touch them
If no one passed the wardrobe door?

When John had lost his sight
He gained a gaze beyond
As Atticus saw the plight
He risked to mend the wrongs
If Eugenia had to cross the line
To get her story through
I would like to hold my fame
With those who held it true

There is a special kinship
Which Carrol pledges from his star
If you seem caught in madness
The best ones usually are




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Lost and Looking

The clock has struck a chord
And much too late it rings
For Time I can’t afford
Or walk amid the spring
I gaze for royal blush
To cast a golden ray
And pause for calling thrush
To lead along the way
If serendipity
Has need of place to sleep
Then let her rest with me
With me the blessings keep

She feels the constant yearning in the wait
Those wishes cause the heart to grow too faint