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The world is just an empty sphere

And heavy with a sunken heat

That burns with bristling embers clear

With ash that crumbles dead and sweet

Past trials of intensity of fear

And in a recluse nice and neat

This home is hazy with a wear

And placates in a limp retreat

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Something I cannot control
A force I cannot prompt
An individual organism of chance
An artistic form of fate
A leader of my heart
An energy misunderstood
Something with lucidity
A reason to believe
An example of religion
An amplified meaning
A piece beyond self
An exaggerated joy
Something I lay wait to

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Dark, Sweet

Life is dark and rich
Like smooth mahogany
Is grained and wooden
And sweet and strong
And beauty deep
Happiness is dark and warm
Like peace and home
And soft midnight
And simple sleep
Life is like love
Is like dark, sweet
Is like garden soil blooming
Is like river water running under stars
Is like love

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Broken Bones

Feel all the air I breathe
The deep indulgent gasps I take
And shed a dawning tear
That sheds upon the fear I break
To open like a crevass’d cast
And crack within my tethered wake
Loving all my horror’d past
‘Till violently my tremors shake
And visioned like a hammer thrown
And crashing on my standing bone
So all the pieces pull apart
And shed the dirt and dig me up
Like everything, like sullen art
This broken wing, my sunken heart

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Quiet I’ve Found

It is the sound of a quiet room
And graphite in spiral-bound
It is the crick of the clock
As the seconds turn around
It is the fervent hum of air
Lightly rowing in the vent
It is the window whispers
Of crickets in their tents
It is leather on my chair
That cracks when I shift
It is light through my hair
As the lamp lights my grip
Of graphite in spiral bound
It strokes, bends, and slips
The shapes are like soft sounds
That bend in my lips
The feelings are like heavy pounds
That from my heart drip
And fill in this quiet I’ve found
As I silently sit

art, introspection, pain, philosophy, Poetry, spirituality

Naive Wishes

Paint me with naive wishes 

They are the only ones worth having 

Haven’t learned fear 

Haven’t known failure 

Still have the time to prove 

Paint me with with naive hope 

That has every reason to go on forever 

Doesn’t need to be realistic

Doesn’t feel pressured to be responsible 

Young enough to know no limits

Paint me with naive love 

That blooms in every young soul 




In the face of every sad love song