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Candle in Ash

It’s really actually gone
Like a candle in ash
I feel old inside
I must have finally
Run out of breath
And silent, fainted
And woke up broken
My heart has been wilting
And somehow
Far too early
Fell far dark
I see
It’s actually really gone
And I feel
And can no longer ignore
A real, transformed space
Indelible and cold
And I am somehow
Something else
And I am somehow
Something else

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A pause to appreciate
Discounted youth
In all their deep realities
And adult faculties
That somehow get over-sighted
By someone else’s time-line
But a shame to discount youth
And the realities they find

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Pensive Nights

Laying in my bed
Looking up at the ceiling
Open eyes and still
With the blue glimmer
On my walls
From my phone light
And soft moody music
And I wonder
Where my life will go
And what is out of my control
And dream of deep love
But sleep alone
Open eyed
Laying in my soft bed
Staring up at the ceiling

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I forgot to be magical
It slipped my mind
I forgot my imagination
And my mental space
To paint my world
I walked away
From dreaming out loud
And passionning
And hoping and creating
And pushing reality
And redefining
I forgot to be
The art I am
And it slipped away
And is what I miss and need
To face the rest
Day by day

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So, Hope

I won’t be around
To feel bad
I will not spend my time
Staying sad, so dread
I won’t rest my heart
In unprotected hands
When I am shook
And bleeding mad
I won’t stay around
And play this bad, book
When I’ve had
Eyes to look
I can’t write pages
So far off
From the place my heart took
So needing, so hope
So close behind all this bad