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Wind whisper
On a cold night
In Februar-frost
And pensing moonlight
Over sparkling snow
In diamond white
And peaceful silence
And slowest silence

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Pacific Dream

Afternoon sea breeze
And sweet squeezed pineapple juice
Sitting on a seaside patio
Eating fresh island fish
Watching a palm frond rolling
Un-rushed along an unending shore
Walking over onto warm damp sand
Soaking in footprints
Hearing beautiful ocean splashes
On salt washed rocks
Sitting down with a thin towel
In a thin bikini suit
And breathing in soft
And breathing out long
Resting my chin on my knees
Looking over the water

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Sailed Off

And now I’m listening intently
Observing with gentle dedication
And swallowing emotions
Music soft and wrapping around me
And flowing through me
Like cold water tap
And sensation over me
That music like poetry
That touches a river in my mind
And sails me back so far
To where I was dreaming
Some long off time ago

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Digressions of Gratitude

Heaven descent
On concrete cement
On this suburban avenue
I am bent with gratitude
And pause lament
To halt and view
These blessings I’ve kept
Here I am caused to stop
From inward contempt
And with this quick moment
Feel a heaven present
See my soul rest
Sudden peace commence
Under shivering fall trees
And quiet traffic far off
And ever craving I call
With gratitude given
And holding hard
I take time to digress


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Lovely lives so painted
So cracked and colored in
Each new beauty
Is torn at the rims
So shredded but rebound
With stitching thread wound up
And all the corners gowned
With colored patching
And put together, traced
With every color
And thick, golden lace