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Fly me honey
Like sweet ride
That passion pull
Make me full
Give me away
Breathe and pray
Like giddy high
Life is a sweet ride
Like ditzy love
And dumb luck
That passion pit
Addiction trick
Like feel so full
Like giddy give
Honey fly me
Pray, passion, pull

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Certain Blue

I am blue, old sun
I am dread tired, too
I am mixed, little one
I am a still, stirred hue

I’m here set, like a drum
I’m still, silent yet
I’m deaf, like a hum
I’m a filled, broken net

I am a yarn skein undone
Old sun, I am blue
I’m let, wilted, run
I am a certain, kind of blue

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Leave me in your glass house

Locked away where you can’t reach me

Glance at me afar

Keep me in my cold castle

And gaze in silhouette moonlight

And be afraid

Of closeness in the night

And keep me at an arm

And push me with your might

Yes, keep me in this glass house

And pense on me in moonlight