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Certain Blue

I am blue, old sun
I am dread tired, too
I am mixed, little one
I am a still, stirred hue

I’m here set, like a drum
I’m still, silent yet
I’m deaf, like a hum
I’m a filled, broken net

I am a yarn skein undone
Old sun, I am blue
I’m let, wilted, run
I am a certain, kind of blue

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Something I cannot control
A force I cannot prompt
An individual organism of chance
An artistic form of fate
A leader of my heart
An energy misunderstood
Something with lucidity
A reason to believe
An example of religion
An amplified meaning
A piece beyond self
An exaggerated joy
Something I lay wait to

art, death, introspection, pain, philosophy, Poetry, spirituality

Secret Heart

Reality waves my soul
With pushing force
And strangles whole
I am drowning silver
Like lead falls so deep
I am calm and quiver
In languished, quiet sleep
But where I go
I follow
And in my secret heart
Am never hollow
Where I go
I follow
I burn in water
And in my secret heart
Can never be swallowed