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I’ve wasted all my love on you
Spent all my hope with you
Gathered all my dreams
And saw them in a scene
With you
Fashioned girlish wishes on you
Passioned whirlwind nights with you
Faith to fuel my drive for you
Cannot seem to get a clue
With him

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The Observation Deck

My open mind
Is not a place to write on
You can find
Another ear to hum on
I do not marry
To one line of thinking
Yet you see me
With some kind of lacking
I am a watcher
Not made as a preacher
The only lecture
Is through life as a teacher
Though I listen
And am so eager to hear
I feed discussion
Not forcing answers from fear
My open mind
Is not a place to write on
I am no kind
To come for a sermon
I only ask
Because I want to explore
If your mind could open
I could ask you for more


Anxiety is Okay

At two in the morning I feel anxiety. I do not want it to have me, but I feel it on me. It is like a reflex that kicks out emotion. I can see it in me. It used to worry me, but now it is just an annoying thing that takes up time. It is like I am a spun up phone cord that needs to hang and twirl to release tension. I am tired at two in the morning. I am a human being and my emotions do not come on a schedule.