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I didn’t ask
I didn’t say I needed you
I didn’t want that
I didn’t mean what you interpreted
I didn’t solicit a suggestion
I didn’t give you authority
I didn’t look for you
I didn’t desire your energy
This is something else entirely


Anxiety is Okay

At two in the morning I feel anxiety. I do not want it to have me, but I feel it on me. It is like a reflex that kicks out emotion. I can see it in me. It used to worry me, but now it is just an annoying thing that takes up time. It is like I am a spun up phone cord that needs to hang and twirl to release tension. I am tired at two in the morning. I am a human being and my emotions do not come on a schedule.

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I am
And then I immediately am not
I am everything I can be
I am, a possibility


I Have to Go

I am my time,
And you own me.
Where am I?
I am time,
And you’re blocking me.
Why do you care?
I am time,
But not your time,
Why do you care?
If I am time,
I have to go.

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If I am like a clear pond
Don’t weigh on me
And drench me with your leaves
Just come
And bathe
And dip your cold feet
So I can immerse you
And be with you
And both breathe

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I am a paradigm
Broken from static
My light cracks like a prism
And is broken from my labored sleep
I let myself be liminal
I let myself arrive
Swift synthetic release
My authentic peace
I am on
And compelled with myself
Slipping coats and facades
I am clear like water
I am the steel iron in a straight silver pipe
I am the place I am always trying to be

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I’m a leaf that blows
I’m turning like snow
I’m blowing
I’m off the handle
And I’m
I’m a leaf that blows around
Like getting stuck
In a hiccup
That quick
That breeze that blows
And down
I am like the snow that
Trails around