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Adventurous Whim

Catching light
Sculpture I found
In plain sight
Is full and round
And painted gold
With running strands
Across the hold
Within my hands
And in my arms
I have to grasp
With all its charm
And painted glass
I reach within
And hope to find
From adventurous whim
Treasure devine

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Patient to Love

So much love behind this gate
If only I could let it through
And let it wash right over you
And stun your senses with its course
For loving is my passionate force
And like a rain that once it broke
Could not be kept and not be choked
If I had sign to pull the lever
Could loose this gate and love forever

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Slug like sick and dull
All the weight and all the pull
That guts my scalding will
And splinters my falling thrill
Slug like heavy and slow
Like pensive over pensive I go
All fall into a vat, thick
Overgrown and tangled thoughts stick
I grasp until I sleep
And fall immediately so deep
Like weather, like water
Like peonies fall and flutter

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Dark, Sweet

Life is dark and rich
Like smooth mahogany
Is grained and wooden
And sweet and strong
And beauty deep
Happiness is dark and warm
Like peace and home
And soft midnight
And simple sleep
Life is like love
Is like dark, sweet
Is like garden soil blooming
Is like river water running under stars
Is like love