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Simple Pleasures

My sister’s laughter
Letters in the mail
Our wooden dinner table
The wind on a ship’s sail
A childhood fable
An old cobblestone trail
Sliding down stair rails
Horses set free from their stables
Water in a tin pail
Flower petals so frail
The tire-swing’s cables
And endless songs of simple pleasures


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I am freshly tactile
I am mobile within space
And moving from the place
Where my wheels have been spinning
I newly feel the grip
And in passing time, I have not slipped
Or slumped within my divot
As if bald tires grew tread
And I am grasping this young
Fast granted talent
And hoping it can last
And break me from my ambivalent
Wheel spinning world
That I can hold the dread back
From flooding my traction
If maybe I can let this serendipitous break
Drive my life into action

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Let Love In

I don’t know how to be loved
Or find affection outside of romance
I don’t know why I have never
Noticed quite how afraid I am
Of love that is offered to me
And now I see how operatically
I only let one channel reach me
When I am honest and viewing this
I sympathize with myself
And finally acknowledge how
I am so starved that I am dying
I am alone behind a moat I have built
And no wonder I am hurting
But now I am looking right before me
And as I try to and accept love around
I am fumbling and unsure
And so ambivalent running back and forth
I am timid and flinching
And I am having to be brave