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Simple Pleasures

My sister’s laughter
Letters in the mail
Our wooden dinner table
The wind on a ship’s sail
A childhood fable
An old cobblestone trail
Sliding down stair rails
Horses set free from their stables
Water in a tin pail
Flower petals so frail
The tire-swing’s cables
And endless songs of simple pleasures


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Let Love In

I don’t know how to be loved
Or find affection outside of romance
I don’t know why I have never
Noticed quite how afraid I am
Of love that is offered to me
And now I see how operatically
I only let one channel reach me
When I am honest and viewing this
I sympathize with myself
And finally acknowledge how
I am so starved that I am dying
I am alone behind a moat I have built
And no wonder I am hurting
But now I am looking right before me
And as I try to and accept love around
I am fumbling and unsure
And so ambivalent running back and forth
I am timid and flinching
And I am having to be brave

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Unasked Pity

Internalizing being lucky because you always got pity-nominated to win grade-school competitions
Being doted for your average level achievements because they were a wonder for your circumstances
Having every mothering age woman in your community adopt you since apparently there is a need
Mentors shoulder grasping you and making you promise to go to college in a much too grave manner
Second guessing your outfit not because you care but because you want to incur the least concern
When you’re depressed and dress to cause the most concern because you know you will get it
Wanting others to tell you to respect your parents when you talk bad about them instead of asking if you feel safe
Other parents softly pushing classism and wanting their teen boys to date a less complicated girl
Getting a free pass to have a meltdown anytime you want because it was bound to to happen sometime
Not knowing how to ask for respect and return all the years of unasked pity