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Let Love In

I don’t know how to be loved
Or find affection outside of romance
I don’t know why I have never
Noticed quite how afraid I am
Of love that is offered to me
And now I see how operatically
I only let one channel reach me
When I am honest and viewing this
I sympathize with myself
And finally acknowledge how
I am so starved that I am dying
I am alone behind a moat I have built
And no wonder I am hurting
But now I am looking right before me
And as I try to and accept love around
I am fumbling and unsure
And so ambivalent running back and forth
I am timid and flinching
And I am having to be brave

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Hopeless Romantic

What a fond illusion
Felt so real for me
Felt as forever in a touch
And touched me deeply
Much more than I allow
Day in and day out
What a bright dream
To lose so quickly
I am a repeat pity
Tortured romantic lover
Loving on again
Too many times again
Too many long ways
To dream up
So many sweet
Such fond illusions

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Sailed Off

And now I’m listening intently
Observing with gentle dedication
And swallowing emotions
Music soft and wrapping around me
And flowing through me
Like cold water tap
And sensation over me
That music like poetry
That touches a river in my mind
And sails me back so far
To where I was dreaming
Some long off time ago

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Candle in Ash

It’s really actually gone
Like a candle in ash
I feel old inside
I must have finally
Run out of breath
And silent, fainted
And woke up broken
My heart has been wilting
And somehow
Far too early
Fell far dark
I see
It’s actually really gone
And I feel
And can no longer ignore
A real, transformed space
Indelible and cold
And I am somehow
Something else
And I am somehow
Something else

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Lovely lives so painted
So cracked and colored in
Each new beauty
Is torn at the rims
So shredded but rebound
With stitching thread wound up
And all the corners gowned
With colored patching
And put together, traced
With every color
And thick, golden lace