The Road to You


Hush the leaves of summer sun
Sweeten’d in their gilded shine
Winding down, the day is done
Dancing at the edge of time

Impulse, passion, calling dream
Through inferno, ‘mid the rust
Leads and draws in worthy scheme
Trodding plans that fell to dust

Shaken, broken, lovers torn
Weary with their limits cross’d
Mended in this welded form
Grateful to have paid the cost

Wisdom draws a stranger line
Lawless, sharp, complex all bound
Forming such a wander’d sign
Traceless rit’ual for the crown’d

Joys forgotten, virtues lost
Vales of myst’ry open’d clear
Paths I’ve never come across
Heal the spaces of my fears

Lovely swells of renew’d life
Prized gifts of autumn clime
Bloomed amid the heathered strife
Tempered with soft gilded shine

Painted petals, crimson leaves
Cascade down the velvet bank
Floating in the feath’ry breeze
Only left with fate to thank

Nightingale falls into flight
Glimpses of your charmed glow
Mixing in this simple night
Silent, sweet and lighted low

As I sit ‘neath pale twilight
In soft scene, all dim and grey
Frames my passing line of sight
You, my love to light the way


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