Sorting House

Feverishly drunk with you
Not knowing this danger
I walked toward the mirage
Like a naive stranger
My will dissolved in wanting
My reasoning dismembered
The focus of my aspirations
Had found a new center

Winding up every moment
This entrancing new creation
The sobriety of day by day
Filled with this new sensation
Clouded, weak and needy
Feigned to be so pure
Romantic views of recklessness
Prove a shelter insecure

Hit upon the wake
Dashed upon the shore
Leashed in this sad state
Tearing at my core
Wanting wicked redemption
Not letting it come near
Step from this captor
Into the brim of fear

Slip out of my veins
Do not drain so slow
This vicious slaving drug
From my life must go
Rip it from my tendons
I let it grow too thick
I want so wrongly desperate
This thing that makes me sick

I must stop grieving this destroyer
Parasitical love not so sad to leave
When I pause for reality
There is nothing palpable to grieve
My fashions of fantasy
Have had such gripping appeal
But this was never a fate
But quick feelings and ideals

When I come down from the moon
And I see with clearer eyes
Not drunken, not craving
Not dressed in deep surmise
I see that in our time
Gaps could not be found
Because in our kind of dance
Feet never touched the ground

Let us be alone awhile
It is time to travel down
To leave each other’s systems
And release the memories wound
Let us have a moment
To let these compulsions secede
When we come again
We might fulfill greater need

Petals in that winter
They came to me in red
Now must I forsake
The tethers of that dread
But send them down in yellow
And I will gladly take
In this truer frame
There is much to make


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