Anxiety is Okay

At two in the morning I feel anxiety. I do not want it to have me, but I feel it on me. It is like a reflex that kicks out emotion. I can see it in me. It used to worry me, but now it is just an annoying thing that takes up time. It is like I am a spun up phone cord that needs to hang and twirl to release tension. I am tired at two in the morning. I am a human being and my emotions do not come on a schedule.

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I am a paradigm
Broken from static
My light cracks like a prism
And is broken from my labored sleep
I let myself be liminal
I let myself arrive
Swift synthetic release
My authentic peace
I am on
And compelled with myself
Slipping coats and facades
I am clear like water
I am the steel iron in a straight silver pipe
I am the place I am always trying to be

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Summer Swell

Warm jasmine in the breeze
Rushes up on me
Forty shades of green
In the shade tree
Bright and tropic petunias
My glass sweating in the sun
The ice twirls and mirrors
Swift summer heat
Turns each leaf
It spins right up to me
And twists my hair
The sky peaking through
In orange glow
Tilts my eyes away
Where it glitters on the porch
Kaleidoscope dancing
Envelopes my wide world

Art Credit: Middle Way Art Studio