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Underwater swimming
Having green leather fins
And looping around
Coral castles
Glow up lantern cities
Of ocean mystery
Of cool caverns
That can go anywhere
Through sparkling water
Through marine forests
Beside bright marlin
Beneath kaleidoscope sunshine
Sneaking in through
Rolling sea-foam waves
All swimming under surface
Alive in a dream

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Hiding away in words

That stain like ink blots

Uncovering my cryptic self

And all humanity

Each striped with individual experiences

In chaotic combination

And irreplaceable



Ink blots paint on this world

And while I dance in poetry

Each paint colored person dances too

To each his own

In his realm, in his way

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Personal Space

All the ways
I privately hurt
Where I am all alone
And all are unaware
The cloistered pieces
I hide here
And color in
Away from fear
And all the worlds
And all the people
Away from
And waving uncertainty
That waves out
The candle blows out
And I am healed
In my own simple silence
All the ways
I privately hurt
And cleansing
In my sterile solidarity
Where I am all alone
In honest singularity
I hide here
Away from all the world

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Like wooden splinters
Jetting out of rushing navy, ink blue waves
And oak spires
Saturated and mapled
Retracting in mouth gaping
Ocean swallows
And deck boards
And leathered with seafare
And wind raked sprays
Pulling in the tide
And piling up
Cork colored oar
After oar
Of soaked rent wood
In the slapping water
And sand
Glittering each vessel memoir

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My Quilted Soul

Textured deep beautiful
Pieces rattled up together
And edged among each other
My emotions are
And crawl about with color
Ledging upon one another
Pulsing desires whim
And realizing how deep
I live sleeping
For some fleeting pleasure
My life is
Hanging together
In cut tapestry
This textured mosaic
Hanging on the line
Holding on the bottom rung

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Forest Dream (for Anthony)

Among trial and kindle
In loud empty timbre
Is lodged with timber
And kindled with light
So warm
So bright
Gold ember fire
That crisps in the night
Illumed with sight
And quiet tones brushing
And bathing the green
Wind boughs bend, hushing
A deep forest scene
The ait sifting
In dark amber smoke
And opaque, drifting
Over sage and cut oak
That calms and cools
In the mild enclave
And plays toward the moon
In spiral visage
That dancing, upward trending fume
Among trial
Among kindle
Coaching this calmed fire
And turning quick coals
From scarlet to tire
And while boughs bend
And hush breeze overtakes
Near swirling smoke beams
And under moon break
This cool calming scene
On a deep forest dream
That should never come to wake