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Passion’d & Straight

Don’t be afraid to love me
And touch something real
Because I am something
And won’t be nothing
Like bleeding color breathing
I am controversial, speaking
I am something, intact
Hear me, and interact
I am some person living
I am thinking and dreaming
I can feel all of this, everything
And am not a shadow, nodding sweet
When you get so near to me
And feel I am complete
And drowning in compassion
For your anchored seat
Won’t you try to face me
And all the fears beneath
Won’t you be afraid to lose me
And the futures we could keep
But don’t you be afraid to love me
Over-ruled, indulgent, scared
Wont’t you take a passion’d dare
Feel me, see me, touch me
Actually love me

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Human Heart

It came up like poetry
Emotion expressly heard
In precision, in perfect
In effortless words
It came up real
So strong and loud
And fought me, proud
It was effort and art
And pressing power
That came up, swift
Like a new bloom flower

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Leave me in your glass house

Locked away where you can’t reach me

Glance at me afar

Keep me in my cold castle

And gaze in silhouette moonlight

And be afraid

Of closeness in the night

And keep me at an arm

And push me with your might

Yes, keep me in this glass house

And pense on me in moonlight



Gross, groggy, late night
Toss, turn, can’t lay right
Pivot, switch, and covers fight
Sick, sigh, turn on the light
Eyes pained, head plight
Gross, groggy, long night
Pressure to relax right
Mind-racing, thought-fight
iPhone distraction, back-light
Over-tired, blurry sight
Gross, groggy, weary night