Early Light

Like beams pushing off

In early ash sky

Like brimming on an overflowed cup

And tripping sunlight

Dew glittering out and peeling

Off every shade of pastel moonlight

And shocks

And stills

And quiet morning sheer

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Simple Pleasures

My sister’s laughter
Letters in the mail
Our wooden dinner table
The wind on a ship’s sail
A childhood fable
An old cobblestone trail
Sliding down stair rails
Horses set free from their stables
Water in a tin pail
Flower petals so frail
The tire-swing’s cables
And endless songs of simple pleasures


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I am freshly tactile
I am mobile within space
And moving from the place
Where my wheels have been spinning
I newly feel the grip
And in passing time, I have not slipped
Or slumped within my divot
As if bald tires grew tread
And I am grasping this young
Fast granted talent
And hoping it can last
And break me from my ambivalent
Wheel spinning world
That I can hold the dread back
From flooding my traction
If maybe I can let this serendipitous break
Drive my life into action


Love story outline…

Ch. 1

“Your soul was beautiful, so I fell in love.”

His brown wing-tipped leather shoes were tapping furiously on the wooden cafe patio. He slid the wooden brush between his index finger and thumb methodically. Despite his fixation and scouring gaze, the blank slate canvas was challenging him.

He always won those battles though.

I first saw Rico Caruso at the Cafe Georgia, on the noisiest street in Atlanta’s historic district. I caught myself looking at him that whole brunch, and I was mad at myself for it. He was in such a trance as he painted; the whole world around him was irrelevant. It made me want to push my way into his sphere and conquer his attention. Against my will, I can hear my voice, so vexed in pursuit: “Hi,” I paused, “may I ask what your painting is of?”

Ch. 2

“You have called me your puzzle, but you were my puzzle first.”

Ch. 3

“I’ve always seen things about you that you don’t know I can detect.” / “I see what no one else sees.”

Ch. 4

“You made me feel like poetry, like some magnificent work of art.”

Being his inspiration is a high I didn’t know I could have, and I blossomed in the direction of that heliotropic gaze.

Ch. 5

“I have seen our love change you. It’s in your laugh, in your step, and behind your eyes.”

Ch. 6

“You are so in the clouds that I can’t stay there with you.”

Ch. 7

“I did what I did, because I couldn’t cope any longer.”

Ch. 8

“I am so sorry I hurt you.”

Ch. 9

“But, you make me so high I can’t stay without you.”

Ch. 10

“You are free to choose.”