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Like steam clouds
That make my mind boil up
And I am chaotically bouncing
— I am bubbling!
All through my
Chaotic mind

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Looking at a Life

Spell me out in picture
A lamp with warm light thats is calm in the night
A racehorse that is swerving around every curve
A brushstroke pulling wet paint across paper
A gasp in a balloon as it zips away empty
A ridge a on a quarter that is beginning to feel smooth
A book being clutched in the fold of an arm
A weather vane as it tilts to the slow steady wind
And the hum of the strings on an old violin
As if intimate and insignificant moments, where ever I find them
Are like mirrors of every different, small sensation of being human

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I Hate It

so angry

to hide from

the disappointment

of the fragile heart I have


so angry

because I can’t take on

being guilty

can’t admit my helplessness

am trying not to expose

my generous


such overly generous

not meant for you to cast away


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Listless Daydreams

Visions of life I hope I deserve
I’ve long awaited –
I’ve grown, I’ve preserved
I’ve seen what I set out to see
I am ready for life beyond me
To share passion in life that grows daringly deep

Visions of the woman I am
The ambitious career and the family plan
With late nights of inspiration
And the long days of mental exertion
With every mistake and every error
I see myself moving forward though every terror

Visions of the moment I see
The way I want it all to be
A simple story with someone I meet
I’m unaware, its all discreet
That way he simply wants me back
Makes the effort, picks up the slack
And I am so amazed –
From all my tired, pursing days

Visions of a life together
With someone I have never met
I’d like to touch your face to mine
And trace my fingers along your neck
I want to share love so big
And not have to hold it back
Or play into the politics
Of how partners should interact

Visions of the love I see
The way he’s looking back at me
The way I hear it in his voice
That I am his excited choice
The touch of hair he’s pulling back
Across my face, behind my ear
It calms my anxious, cautious fears

Visions of the life I want
I create them every day
The songs I sing my child
As in my arms he lays
The moments I feel so meant to be
There’s more than I can say
With love much greater than I can dream
It seems so hard to delay

Visions of the dream I can give
To a family I could love
To this passion that I am within
That will never, just dissolve
I have visions of the life I want
And visions I will resolve
A bright and startling passion
That needs not be dimmed off